Friday, November 12, 2010

INsite Nights in November - 11/13 and 11/19

There are two INsite Nights this month in Austin. One is this Saturday (11/13/10) at Red Eyed Fly. The Second is Next Friday (11/19/10) at The Parish .

In addition to both shows being full of great Austin music, INsite owner Sean Claes will also be collecting for Movember. So throw a little change in the bucket and support TEAM AUS.

Yes, those are two posters for the same show. The first is one done by Dead Bunny, and the other is done by the Red Eyed Fly. It's the Farewell Show for The Banner Year,... so come on out!

Now, this is a highly anticipated show. Snake Skin Prison is releasing their 9 Kinds of Bad on Friday, November 19 at The Parish Room in Austin, Texas. The line up includes Broken Teeth, Bayou City Outlaw Band and Yayo. It's going to be an awesome night of music and if you know the guys in Snake Skin Prison... they'll have a little something extra in it for you.

Here's a little bonus Broken Teeth to get you revved up.

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