Monday, March 8, 2010

Cover Story - Texas Rockfest

The Eleventh Annual Texas Rockfest

A Free For All

Texas Rockfest is an Austin-born tradition that spurred from the idea that the third week in Austin should be accessible to everyone - bands that would like to play, fans that would like to watch, and folks who want to have a good time without spending a dime on entertainment. The mantra that organizers Adam Brewer and Trey Edwards have chanted for years is "No Badges, No Bracelets, No Problem."

Below you will find an alphabetical listing of many of the bands playing Texas Rockfest in 2010. For a full list of bands and where to see them, visit or come to one of the locations between March 18-21 and pick up a program.

A Good Rogering

The story of A GOOD ROGERING is a lengthy one. For the full story please send a check or money order in the amount of $100 for the entire nine volume 3rd edition book set. Also available on cassette. Or visit

A Hero Named Hope

Combining a unique blend of hard rock and melodic metal with pop sensibility; Chicago based "A Hero Named Hope" are a band on a mission. The music ranges from heavy breakdowns to uplifting choruses and even the occasional dissonant interlude. The lyrics examine relationship dynamics with tounge-in-cheek humor and a sense of irony.

All Bets on Death

As the self-proclaimed saviors of all that is evil about Rock n Roll, All Bets on Death have picked up the torch in the vain of greats like Motorhead, Black Sabbath & Thin Lizzy. All Bets on Death embody living, sweating & bleeding glorious Rock n Roll!

All Hail

All Hail's debut EP Every Wealth sought to bring the band's poetic lyrics and unique musical interplay to the forefront of the burgeoning Austin scene. It certainly opened doors. Now the band is poised to walk through these doors with the magnificent Truth, Love, War. The album represents a giant leap forward for a band that displayed such promise with their debut.

Altered Ending

Altered Ending has always been the trendsetter. Creating a modern rock sound while paying homage to the rock icons who paved the way. A hard rock sound containing strong vocals, rhythmic riffs, distinguishable solos, ingenious bass lines, and assiduous drums. This is group of sharp young gentleman are 4 stand-alone musicians put together into a powerhouse line-up that sure does sell!

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is one of the hottest groups to burst upon the Northwest hip-hop scene. Their latest album, "The Unknown", features the legendary KRS-One, and has received radio play throughout the country and on iTunes Indiecast, peaking at #3 on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts, where Animal Farm remained in the Top 10 for seven straight weeks.

Antidote For Irony

Antidote for Irony is a rock band from Austin, TX. It is comprised of 5 guys who vary in background and musical influences but are drawn together by their passion for music. The band pulls from its variety of influences, including: punk, scremo, metal and emo, to create a sound that is difficult to place into one genre of music.

Asphalt Valentine

Rock and Roll; an oft used term in music, yet seldom correctly. There is so much more than just playing songs really loudly. Arrogant swagger, infectious groove, unbridled sexuality, heart racing rhythm, undeniable passion, swing, sway, and soul are what separate Rock and Roll from the rest of its musical counterparts.

Atomic Outlaws

The Tacoma based Atomic Outlaws is a band with “an intense mixture of raw emotion, passion and rock ‘n roll” who is “bringing back the American dream… 3 chords at a time."

Avi Wisnia

Fans say it is Avi Wisnia’s live performance that really captures his musical virtuosity, his humor and his energy. Avi showcases his own music with unexpected arrangements, and he experiments with contemporary pop tunes from artists like Lauryn Hill, Bjork, Wilco and The Cure, stripping them down, taking them apart and reviving them with a new bossa spirit.

Awake at Dawn

Awake At Dawn: It’s the sensation of a night well spent into the next morning as well as how it feels to rise with the sun, fresh and invigorated. It’s that feeling that comes with those peak moments of human bliss like the ones inspired by the best rock’n’roll — just what the band Awake At Dawn evokes from listeners with their music.

B. Sterling Band

Based in Austin, TX, their music has big chorus hooks, unique arranging, and gripping vocals. It has been heavily influenced by many genres including indie-rock, folk-rock, pop, and americana. B. Sterling always strives to first write for the song and not to try and fit a "music genre".

Bass Line Bums

3 piece punk rock band from Austin Texas, part Del Rio, part Alaska. pure energy.

Before Nine

A mainstream modern rock band hailing from South Mississippi and South Alabama. After rapidly building a local fan base, Before Nine began touring regionally including such venues as "The Swamp" in Ft. Walton Beach, Fl and "Club LaVela" in Panama City, Fl.

Black Queen Speaks

“Off with their heads,” the Black Queen Speaks. Then she courts them all - not separately but simultaneously. Her multiple pleasure sites make it possible. The musicians – Mike (vocals), D2 (guitar), Pez (bass), Josh (drums) – meld, they fuse. They are no longer individual talents; they are one . . . protrusions from the hydra head. And as she fuses them with each other, she fuses them with the music of the ages.

Black Taxi

A rock band from Brooklyn, NY. The four member ensemble’s style has been described as New-Wave, Psych-Rock, and Garage-Blues with undertones of Surf and Jazz.

Bleach Black

Bleach Black has a bold and honest intensity, bringing true passion into their music. Shy and timid they are not. This is music for the underdog, for the rebels, for the people who want more than just the norm out of the music they listen to.

Broken Teeth

Formed 1999,in order to deliver real rock n roll to a hungry audience that has been caved in and spoon-fed what has been a falloutboy menu, "If Rock N Roll is safe, it's not real rock"! influenced by Motorhead, AC-DC, Judas Priest ,Danko Jones, and the old school way of loud amps, tight trousers with blood and ale, flowing thru the streets.

Butch County

The band formerly known as Koonce has reformed under the name BUTCH COUNTY with a new line-up that will make you wanna bang your head and shake your ass right on down to the county line.

Chris Servia

"The music is all around us... All we have to do is listen." -August Rush

What does the music say to you? Can you feel it coursing through your veins? Will it open your heart and give you the courage to follow it? There is so much in this world that competes for our attention, for our energy and purpose. Wealth, power, status, and self-prescribed truth ring loudly in our ears, each shouting more furiously than the last, telling of how they'll satisfy. But somewhere in the noise, something whispers of a different life, a life that calls us to shatter the lock-step conformity of our selfish pride, and to trust the road less travelled.

Clay Jeffrey

"A trip around the fretboard through a country/blues amalgam and a Monte Montgomery style of hybrid pop with a more notable lean to Americana." -


Heavy Judas Priest-style guitar riffs? Check. Bass lines stolen from Motörhead and KISS? Check. Fat, punchy AC/DC drums? Check. What more could you ask from a band that promises the return of rock? How about anthem-esque hooks, tasty guitar solos and choruses worthy of an arena? Check, check and most definitely check.

Cold December

A progressive rock band from Seattle, Washington

Crank County Daredevils

"Hailing from the sleazy southern hills of Asheville, North Carolina, the Crank County Daredevils can best be described as the bastard child of Motorhead and early Guns N’ Roses.


Daffodil makes a B-line for and repeatedly pokes the musical love button with huge walls of heavy guitars and smooth, genius power riffs. Sickeningly deep and groovy drum pockets coupled with resolute counterpoint bass lines can't help but tickle the pleasure centers at the core of one's soul, and the atmospheric allusion is a soothing balm for sore ears.


Boasting brutal riffs, a pummeling rhythm section and a powerful stage presence, DAMNITAHL is an up and coming force to be reckoned with. "KEEP IT METAL!"

Dark Summer Dawn

After showcasing in the Florida Music Festival and recording with Pete Thornton (Shinedown, Limp Bizkit) Dark Summer Dawn (formerly Deejer) released its debut CD Grief Can Kill An Elephant in 2005. The song “All I Ever Wanted” reached Top 5 in the Heavy Rock category of the 2005 Independent Music Awards.

Dawn Over Zero

Equal parts heavy riffs and joyous sing-along melodies, Dawn Over Zero has stepped up to the razorwire protecting the precious indie rock scene from the fist pumping metalheads on one side and the glimmersheen loving popsters on the other… and ripped it to shreds.

Daylight Broadcast

Formed in the beginning of 2008, this hard-working band from Beaumont, TX has made quite a name for themselves in such a short time together. With dozens of shows behind them and a 7 song EP released in 2009, Daylight Broadcast will stop at nothing to make sure everyone has heard what they have to say.

Dead Earth Politics

The cell known as ‘Dead Earth Politics’ was established by three primary members: Mason ‘Chevo’ Evans (Drums), Ernie ‘Uno’ Clark (Guitar), and Will ‘Waffle’ Little (Bass). They later recruited vocalist Ven Scott to front their cause and experienced rapid growth almost immediately. After having made the appropriate contacts, the group recorded their rhetoric and propaganda, titling it ‘Mark the Resistance’.

Deadbeat Darling

Equal parts mischief and bliss, eloquence and irreverence, Deadbeat Darling is a rock band whose music shimmers with hints of dub and electronica.

Die Among Heroes

Austin, Tx based Die Among Heroes is high volume, high intensity melodic heavy metal music. Their signature sound is showcased on their self-titled, debut album and can be described as in-your-face, yet charismatic.


DIMENSION is a progressive metal band, based in Denver, CO. It was founded in 1999 by David Quicho (guitars and vocals) & Mane Cabrales (drums) The band has toured the USA and all over Mexico, being opening act for bands such as Evergrey, Pagan's Mind, Dokken, Anthrax, Moonspell, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), etc.

Divide The Day

Seeking refuge from a stagnant music scene in Southern California, Divide the Day can be best described as hard-hitting, ass-shaking, Dirty Western Rock! As a group of dedicated young visionaries, the band has independently booked a vast number of full US tours.


doublethink boasts an enormous rock n’ roll sound that is broad and powerful, with a classic hard rock vibe that is fresh enough to make waves among their musical counterparts and new fans alike.


Music is in their blood. It was inevitable that brothers Paul and Michael D'Santi would embark on a musical journey of their own. Enter Michael Johnson and Rickey Tillery into the equation. They were also heavily influenced musically while growing up and have played in bands since high school.

Erik Larson & Peacemaker

Heeding the call from a beckoning Americana Rock/Red Dirt music scene, Erik Larson (ex-Johnny Law) began to meticulously craft an all-star musical line up of seasoned musicians, some of which have garnered national and worldwide success with such bands as Alejandro Escovedo and Jackson Taylor.

Exit 380

Exit380 formed in Denton, TX in the Spring of 1999. This traveling rock band has produced four full length albums & one compilation "best of" disc

Eyes Burn Electric

Eyes Burn Electric (formerly Dremnt the End) has burst onto the scene with new music that is familiar but still maintains an innovative spirit.

Faster Pussycat

Hollywood sleaze rockers Faster Pussycat made their mark in the world with a self-titled debut in 1987 and the 1989 gold album "Wake Me When It's Over", which spawned the hit single and video "House of Pain". These days the band is busy touring.

George Lynch's Souls of We

With an career that spans over 30 years, George Lynch is one of the most influential guitarist in modern music. Lynch continues to inspire a new generation of guitarists and fans all over the world.


The story of GOBI begins in the far west corner of Texas, along the border of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where Justin Dillon and Phil Arciniega first met. The two eventually moved into a house in the heart of San Marcos, Texas. Upon meeting Matthew Kevin Dunn, GOBI was born. The trio is currently finishing their first ep “The Poltergeist Arcade”, due out in late spring.

Godfed Static

A band that's all about the music and the art of music. We are ready to play and give the people a good show.


After 600 shows in 60 cities with his childhood friends Billy Driver and Jesse Rich, front man, composer and entrepreneur Gooding is ready for the big show.

Heart Set Self Destruct

Since their formation in the spring of 2005, Heart-Set Self-Destruct has quickly become a staple in Chicago's hard rock scene. Melodic lead vocals combined with elements of punk and metal influence the band's heavy driven sound.

Hide the Scarz

Since the turbulent inception, one thing remained the same. The purpose. The mission. The goal. They continue to make music for those who have no voice, for those who are blinded by the political lies and agenda, for those who need a beacon in this dismall dark world. We are Hide the Scarz.


HIGH is a 3 piece Rock Band that plays Dark spacey Stoner Rock. Good Music is Good music. There is no compromise; No matter the time it takes or the troubles we endure along this adventure….This Is Real Rock from the Real Northwest! Come along; Let's play!

Honor By August

Led by 23-year-old Michael Pearsall, Honor By August has already won the Billboard World Song Contest, shared an arena stage with Bon Jovi and had its music broadcast to millions of television viewers.


Formed in 2007, iMi is made up of artists that have an intense passion to share their music in an intense way. "When we all get on stage together, that's where it's at", states bassist Matthew Gene. Leaving a concert, feeling as if they have been given the greatest ride, that they have been part of an amazing party, is what iMi wants audiences to experience.

J. Micheal Laferty

Micheal calls South Padre Island Texas “home”, and spends his time happily wandering between the Rio Grande, New Orleans, and the Florida Keys. His music, a reflection of his island lifestyle and tropical surroundings, is garnering recognition, in the Americana/Texas Music genre in the States as well as Europe, and he has become a defining benchmark in the emerging “Gulf Coast Americana” market.

Jake Andrews

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Jake Andrews grew up in a house and city filled with music. He began playing guitar at age 5, taught by his father, John Andrews of the 60's Roots Band Mother Earth. At an early age, Jake began attending shows at the legendary blues venue, Antone's, to see legends like BB King and Albert Collins perform. At age 8, Jake first went onstage to play guitar with Albert King.

Jeremiah Maxey

Jeremiah Maxey hails from beautiful Park City UT. Jeremiah was born missing his right arm above the elbow but never let it slow him down. At age 12 Jeremiah started learning guitar by studying records by open tuning masters Leo Kottke, Richie Havens, and David Wilcox. Jeremiah's guitar style is unique in the fact that he tunes his guitars in open tunings and plays them in his lap. His speed and slide control have made him a guitarist to watch.

Just The Kid

Saccharine-sweet choruses and bursts of kinetic energy are packed into each and every of Just The Kid's songs. The Quad Cities natives meld a diverse array of pop, rock and hip-hop into dance floor ready tracks that ooze with a vitality in a scene that's too often dominated by haircuts instead of hooks.

Justin Black & Big Heart

What Happens when you have an artist who has battled throat cancer, a removed lung and was told countless times he may never sing again? The answer, Passion, determination and conviction. Now team him up with an explosive band and you end up with something real, something epic, something that could start self revolutions and inspire hope in people everywhere

Kevin Smith

Hanging out at Liberty Lunch, in Austin, Texas when you're in the eighth grade tends to do something to a kid. For Kevin Smith, it was just another reason to pick up the guitar around that time and see what could happen. Today, it still finds him firmly planted in the same spot it all started... South Austin.


Keywest are currently working with grammy award nominated U.S producer and mixer extraordinaire Mark Needham who has credits with bands such as THE KILLERS, METRO STATION, IGLU & HARTLY & FLEETWOOD MAC.

L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns started in 1982 as a straightup dirty ass rock n roll band. The band was put together by Tracii Guns in his last year of high school. The success of this band is solely dictated by the loving, intelligent and hell raising fans! LIVE BY THE GUNS, DIE BY THE GUNS


Lance has created a huge buzz across the country in an amazingly short period of time, playing everywhere from intimate club settings to 25,000 seat arenas. He has played shows in 46 states and 7 countries. Inspired by a need to give back to the men and women who fight for their freedom, Lance has played over 60 shows just for the troops.

Lords of Fuzz

Lords of Fuzz quite literally started as a dream in the head of lead singer Oscar Ross, as he recruited players to bring his dream to fruition, the reality around him changed in the form of members leaving the band, or getting kicked to the curb do to the Ross man's intolerance to ignorance, racism, and greed.

Lotus Effect

Lotus Effect is a progressive alt rock band from Houston, Texas, that many have described as a blend of The Fall of Troy meets The Sounds of Animals Fighting and At The Drive In. Their signature sound incorporates rock, blues, and metal, with syncopated groove compositions, unconventional time signatures and melodious and aggressive vocals.

Love At War

From writer/producer Dwight Baker (Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Collective Soul, Bob Schneider, Alpha Rev, Halifax, and more) comes the newest sound to hit American music. Love at War is a symbol for what we all go through, the ins and outs of our relationships. The songs reflect the moments that define these times.

Mad Mexicans

The Mad Mexicans are a Dallas based super Latino band comprised of styles such as hip-hop/rock/latin jazz mixed with the vocals in languages of English and Spanish.


Over the past five years, Magdalene has become a premier East Texas original band. The evolution of their song-writing has become more aggressive and passionate over time, and the lyrics convey intense emotions that span the spectrum. Magdalene's success has taken them straight to broadjam's top 10 nearly a dozen times in the past year for the categories rock, rock alternative, and ages 15-24.

Mike Truth and The Replacement Killers

Mike Truth has been performing in the Austin area for years including such bands as Rubberhed, Vicious Souls, The Lords Of Phunk, DMA, The Back Room All Stars, Full Spectrum and so on. The Replacement Killers is a collective of veteran musicians from all over the Austin area.

Nothing More

Energy, entertainment, and rock are the elements that define one of the region's most eclectic acts...Nothing More. Having segments that mirror "Blue Man Group" and "Stomp", a catalogue of songs that overflow with passion, and a show that anyone can enjoy, Nothing More breaks the barriers that define a typical "Rock Band".

One Step Program

One Step is now hitting the live scene. Keep your eyes peeled and prepare yourself for an onslaught of raw dance mayhem. And just when it becomes too much to handle, relax and ride the silky smooth waves of funktastic flow jams. One Step Program offers an electronic hybrid sound with all original material and one hundred percent attitude.


One-Eyed Doll is the Austin, TX based power-rock-duo led by guitarist and singer Kimberly Freeman.

Only The Strong

Only the Strong is a hard rock band that will kick you in the nuts and leave you to cry yourself to sleep. Very compassionate about their music, Todd, Evan, Mike, and Craig (Vocals, Guitar, Drums and Bass respectively) have come together to create music that gives a proud display of what they feel is in their souls.

Opus Dai

Opus Däi (pronounced “die”) cultivates a rich and varied aural landscape that is as vast and epic as the bands history. The band creates a space where diverse sounds blend into a singular musical force. Driving and aggressive, yet gentle in spirit, there is an epic grace that stokes the fires burning brightly from within Opus Däi.


Peaceful Revolution Impossible was started by Jesse Scott in response to the past and present political climate. The music acts as a kind of sonic therapy and a voice against the corruption, thievery and lies propagated against the masses. Only through tuning into what’s happening in the world and expressing raw outrage at governmental atrocities can there be any hope of revolution.


Panjoma is slowly infiltrating the Austin underground, and has had 4 songs licensed in 2 nationally acclaimed documentaries by Austin’s favorite homegrown alternative social commentary and comedy gurus ‘Sacred Cow Productions’. (American Drug War: The Last White Hope, and How Weed Won The West).


RAZR 13 is a modern metal band based in Austin, Texas, featuring lead vocalist dUg Pinnick (KINGS X), lead guitarist Big Bald Mike, bassist Ryan 13, and drummer Chris "JRAB" Thomas.

Res Deus

resDeus' sound is difficult to describe because it continually evolves. There are two reasons for this - first, the wide range of influences each member brings to the table, and second, their habit of perfectionism when it comes to their arrangements. That said, their most recent album most prominantly featured a tasteful dichotomy of melodic, indie-style composition and heavy riffs influenced by progressive rock.

Right Side of Failure

Climbing onto the rock scene with their debut album 72, Right Side of Failure demonstrates real musical force with their metal-infused melodic rock. Featuring songs such as "Friends for Never" and "Serein's Disease", this band from Redding, California sheds raw emotion over thundering rhythm and gracefully crafted sound.

Rocko Dorsey

Hailing from Upstate NY, the three members of Rocko Dorsey are not a group of guys trying to scare you - they want you to be scared of what you might miss. Combining an in-your-face live show with catchy melodies, tight arrangements, and the return of guitar solos, their mission is to entertain the audience by any means necessary.


RoomFour has always been about passion. "You’ve got to have something to say before you get out there”, says Michael Gomez.

Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers

Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers are a 7-year-old four-piece combo that plays an Americana brimming over with the sounds of Texas honky-tonk, Bakersfield twang, Memphis rockabilly, Western swing and good old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll.

Sans Absol

"Sans Absol is a genre melding, full energy union of Northwest rock with finesse, power and instant creativity. Effortlessly shifting from stand-alone rock to sonic experimentation, this Seattle based 5-piece gains raucous reviews with every show and heads to Austin with a full head of steam."

Segunda Luna

Segunda Luna is a new latin/flamenco/acoustic band based out of Austin Texas.


Seneca’s debut single, 'Smile', went straight in at number 33 in the Irish charts when it was released late last year, and a very respectable finishing position of 27 gave the band even more reason to smile.

Silent Treatment

"Hard rock riffs disguise an Americana feel" - OC Music Magazine (Orange County, CA)

Sin 4 Sin

Hailing from the rough City of Baltimore, Sin 4 Sin brings a new breed of music to the table. Boasting blazing guitars, powerful beats, and soaring vocals, Sin 4 Sin delivers a knock out punch to modern rock as we know it.

Six Ways From Sunday

Four guys from the South Chicago Suburbs combine their talents to bring not only emotionally influential music, but also experience driven lyrics. This combination keeps the band in the reality of the real world that everyone is forced to deal with.


Soraia captures the raw energy and spirit of the late 60's/early 70's. Think Cream, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin - add in a neo-taste and you got it.


Squidbucket stirs a bloody chum of twisted funk metal. Their distinctive sound has taken the form of experimental rock and put it through a psychedelic train wreck. This is a show you definitely don’t want to miss. For more info go to


Originating in the icy tundra of the beautiful and remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan, squint has always been a band focused on gathering experiences to write about. They packed up and moved to Louisiana after high school so that they could play more cities and see new places. Recently they relocated to Austin. Their incessant touring has consistently interfered with love, however, and helped the band become deadly-accurate portrait artists of broken relationships.

Stage of Existence

Stage Of Existence, The Edge Magazine's "Best of 2005 Austin Readers Poll - Best Alternative Band" has grew into a widely liked rock monster. Brian Runkel, Vox/Bass and main songwriter started the project back in 2003 having no luck until he found Brandon (Drummer) and (Guitar) AJ. This re-juvinated the project in 2004 to began it's journey playing entry level shows and recording the 3 song demo

Stateside Stereo

Stateside Stereo hails from Houston, TX, where 3 of the 5 members grew up as best friends. Freddy Doty (drums), J.R. Rodriguez (electrical guitars), and Bob Said (bass) have been playing together since high school in non-sound-proofed practice garages while angering uppity old neighbors.

Static Jacks

These days, what’s passed off as independent and punk rock really isn’t much more than D.I.Y. laziness—fluff-filled bands and songs whose substance is eclipsed by style. That’s why New Jersey’s The Static Jacks (vocalist Ian Devaney, guitarists Henry Kaye and Michael Sue-Poi, bassist Spencer Kimmins, and drummer Nick Brennan) are a rare and refreshing act

Strike the Sun

“Well I am the wolf, that wears the clothing of the sheep…” This lyric is a fitting description of Strike the Sun. The five guys that make up the band are the nicest most laid back people that you could meet.


The origins of Struck begin with Amanda Lombard, veteran musician and lead vocalist, who left her previous project, Litany for the Departed, to find and pursue her own musical identity and direction. Struck features an alternative rock vibe that's original and compelling, heartfelt lyrics, and feeling behind every song, making this group an unforgettable experience.

Subrosa Union

PLAYING TO LIVE AND LIVIN TO PLAY...Subrosa Union wins audiences one fan at a time with high energy performances and catchy songs. Based in Austin, these rockers have an extensive tour log tracking their journey around the globe.

Suite 709

Suite 709 (Formerly The Ars Supernova) begins with a rock band. It continues as the group defies the mainstream sound and sculpts a form of rock with powerful, soul vocals. The composition echoes the work of Vince DiCola, Dream Theater or even classical influences while hints of artists like Queen and John Legend surround the style.


In some parallel universe, Ledz Dúsiz has got a secret place, where she keeps all the music of the world. But sometimes, when no external disturbance interrupts the little, fragile connection between these two worlds, it is possible to capture a fiber of the musical tissue. Carefully and patiently, the fiber can be drawn through this metaphysical tunnel into our terrestrial sphere, and note by note, a whole melody, a complete song or an entire symphony can be made audible for human ears and be preserved for mankind. At times, it takes a SuperPancho to do this.

Sweet Kiss Momma

SweetKiss Momma, out of Puyallup, WA (about 30 min. south of Seattle), is a band for the ages. Though they have been fittingly described as a sort of "roots" or "southern" rock, those classifications fall short when you recognize the late-60's British invasion, 70's era jam band, and even early 80's metal that impressively seeps it's way into the "SKM" brew.

Sweet Psychosis

SWEET PSYCHOSIS is an edgy & slightly psychotic alternative rock band based in San Francisco, California. The 5-member group consists of Tommy Wood (rhythm guitar), Maury Zeller (lead vocals/frontman), Jimi Leonard (drums & percussion), Dave Sawley (bass), and Marc Laspina (lead guitar). Having met in detox, the boys have varied backgrounds from such areas as arms dealing, racketeering, prostitution, drug smuggling, and vigilantism.


Syztem7 is a unique fusion of industrial, metal and experimental, and the diversity really shows. They're a unique blend that could be the love child of White Zombie and Faith No More, with Rammstein for a mistress. Their songs take you for an energetic ride, with a combination of heavy guitar and wide-range keyboards, and occasional doses of industrial sound bytes.

The Artillery

Dean Barry - Vocals/Guitar, Jojo Macias – Guitar, Chris Reyes - Bass/Vocals, Chris Ellis - Drums

The Composure

In an environment where being "scene" is more important than being heard, The Composure turns their collective heads and create their own path. The Composure is a power-pop quartet hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Cringe

Driven by the gutsy lead vocals and savvy songwriting of John Cusimano, The Cringe has been bringing their blend of politicized power pop and big-belt-buckle blare to fans across the country since 2004. The band’s first two albums, Scratch the Surface and Tipping Point, tipped the neo-grunge scales towards the polished blast-pop of the Foo Fighters and The Vines, but within those melodic contours lurked the ragged heart of first-generation indie bands from the Minutemen to The Replacements.

The Culprit

The Culprit have wasted no time imprinting their mark on the British live scene with an explosive and professional stage show.

The Dead Lotus Society

"Are those female vocals or the first sound you hear upon dying?" - Music Critic Darren Cowan of MetalCentre.Com "She's got the voice of the beast"- Random Fan

The Followthrough

In a world filled with noise, distractions, anger and pain, The Followthrough screams a message of hope, love, and faith. TFT doesn't try to act like suffering doesn't exist, they have been through much themselves, but they do offer a better alternative to self destruction and cynicism.

The Gentlemen's Social Club

Rag tag and ragged. Have you ever prayed for Johnny Thunders to be moved from purgatory to heaven? Did you want to pull the needle off your record player after the first time you heard Young Loud and Snotty and stick it in your neck? Have you ever found yourself drinking at the bus stop at Montopolis and Ben White with the dogs on a friday night? Then we are the band for you...welcome to the CLUB!

The Heroine

The Heroine was hand selected out of 9,000 bands to go to LA. 1 of 30 bands from around the country.

The Knew

The Knew is comprised of four members that look closely related and may very well be in some branch of the tree. They are a foursome that has energy on the brain that is translated through live shows and their two most recent EPs.

The Last Vegas

The Chicago based, The Last Vegas deliver hi-energy spectacles, with a deliciously trashy, roughed-up edge, eliciting the inner rock star in all of us. Armed with their unbridled, raw talent, The Last Vegas posses the ability to musically beat crowds into submission, leaving fans no choice but to beg for more.

The Lonely Kings

Take hooks that are catchier than a cold at a daycare. Add in a dark, moody, chaotic, yet melodic vibe. Then mix that with an overwhelmingly powerful sonic assault of the senses, and you have, The Lonely Kings. Hailing from Sacramento California, The Lonely Kings have been spreading their Rock N' Roll vision since 1995.

The Missionary Position

“A particularly dirty brand of rock and roll: the kind found in vinyl collections alongside classics such as the Doors - Dirty but intelligent” -Lauren Napier

The New Up

San Francisco rock/pop five-piece The New Up has a sound that's described as "smoldering, post-punk-brushed dance-rock" (Isthmus), "trippy new wave with fetishisized guitar play [and] irresistible [vocals]" (Chicago Reader) and "hip modern pop with a strong psychedelic streak" (Good Times). Front and center is ES Pitcher's intoxicatingly liquid voice, which earned her a designation as "the bastard love child of Siouxsie Sioux and Karen O" (Sacramento News & Review).

The Rikk Beatty Band

The Rikk Beatty Band is an award winning 3 piece instrumental band located in the Pacific Northwest. Their sound runs the gamut of musical styles from Rock, Blues, Metal, Funk, and Fusion and has a little of something for everyone. The band has fans all over the world and tours the entire USA.

The Royalty

It’s unlikely a band takes as much from The Ronettes as they take from Weezer, but it's far more unlikely such a band springs out of the desert, border-city of El Paso, Texas. The Royalty, for the El Paso/Juarez metro, is just that: a pleasantly misplaced oddity.

The Slants

Portland, Oregon-based Chinatown dance-rock outfit The Slants - Simon Young (bass), Aron (vocals), Tyler Chen (drums), and Jonathan (guitar) - are celebrating the release of their remix album, "Slants! Slants! Revolution," a dance-dance remix album of tracks from The Slants' debut, "Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts."

The Spines

The Spines are an Alternative Rock band out of New York with a reputation for catchy hooks, tasteful songwriting, solid musicianship and powerful live performances.

The Spittin' Cobras

The Spittin' Cobras are everything that rock 'n' roll's been missing for 20 years. Comprising members of KMFDM, The Dwarves and Murdock, this new metal machine spews atomic rage High Octane Straight forward Epic Rock N Roll! Think Motorhead, Judas Priest & ACDC mixed into a brew of face-melting ROCK!

the Vettes

Rachel, Todd, Chad, Brian, and Mitch Vette collectively known as The Vettes are all sister and brothers with Mitch being adopted into the family at a young age.

Till Death

The recent emergence of Till Death to the music scene of the western suburbs of Chicago is full of potential, dedication, and perseverance. Forming from members of two different bands has made Till Death a diverse group with the goal of making powerful music.

Trashy and the Kid

"If Alice Cooper and Scott Weiland had a kid, there is a chance that Paul Tylar ... may be that child ... Good ol' punk-infused rock 'n' roll on the dark side ... high energy stomp and kick music." -- Sean Claes, INsite Magazine, February 2009

Travis Larson Band

With five records and two full-length performance DVDs, the award winning Travis Larson Band is firmly rooted as one of instrumental music's premiere acts.

Turn On The Radio

“Turn on the Radio” is a 6 piece group comprised of highly charged and talented musicians. They twist the traditional rock and roll sound with touches of southern rock, core, and jam styles. With the addition of Keys and Violin a classic sense is brought to mellower parts of songs, and with harmonies split 4 ways you can expect a chorus of sound to emit from their unique voices.

Under Sin

A hardcore metal band out of Tacoma Washington.


Somewhere between metal and punk there exists a handful of bands that embody the edge and attitude of rock. Stripped down to the basics, UNDERRIDE feeds your appetite for distortion. The band draws its influences from a long tradition of American hard rock including Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Dead by Sunrise, Divide the Day, Buckcherry, CAVO, Soundgarden and Velvet Revolver.

Uranium Savages

Over these last three decades, the Uranium Savages have played with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dr. Hook, Darryl Rhoades and his HahaVishnu Orchestra, the Austin Lounge Lizards, Joe Ely Jerry Jeff Walker, Timbuk 3, Omar and the Howlers the Rhythm Rats, Doug Sahm, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Ray Benson, the Texana Dames, the Tailgators, the Cherry-Poppin’ Daddies, Willie Nelson …and dozens of other wonderful groups.


A striking blend of modern rock grooves, potent guitar work, Latin percussion and soulful lyrics has made VALLEJO one of the most popular bands to hail from Austin, Texas. Their music immediately hooks listeners right in, taking them on a roller-coaster ride of musical beats and expressions.

Waiting For August

Waiting for August is made up of friends Sharon and Eric Burriola, Chris Roubieu and Ben Mills.

Warner Drive

WARNER DRIVE is an original rock based outfit from Hollywood, CA that features catchy riffs, a rock/punk edge, and an energetic performance. The group is carving out a name for themselves through extensive touring, and have built a loyal and growing base of fans. They bring a new sound and meaning to the term Rock N Roll by adding a twist to rock with a punk edge.

Wicked Waltz

Through the past year or so Wicked Waltz has played numerous shows all across the gulf coast, acquired plenty of fans and friends, and made a huge impact on the heavy metal community in the area. They are being played all over internet radio stations all across the world,, and to name but just a few.

Wide Eye Panic

Don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Wide Eye Panic show, but it’s not the same ol’ Boring stand around and play your instrument type of show. It’s a crazy, BREAK SHIT, yell and go insane type of show.

Wink Keziah

As a child Keziah found solace in music and picked up his first guitar at age five. He played in bands throughout his school years and earned a partial art scholarship for college. Unable to fund the rest of his education costs, Keziah enrolled in cosmetology school, hoping to eventually earn enough money in that field to attend art school. But his life soon took a different turn. He opened his own salon and became hugely successful in the cosmetology field. One salon became three, and Keziah found himself overseeing 49 employees, while still continuing to tour and make music.


This is how we slay our demons... some people call it an exorcism, we call it a Witchburn. It's not about religion, nor is it anti-religious, anti-pagan or anti-wiccan.


This is the sound created by traveling through many worlds to arrive here and now with the tunes of this Time. What you will hear are real life adventures sifted through the mask of mythos. Dana has worn many faces on stages throughout her career,most notably as quitarist and singer for the well-respected progressive rock band, Velvet Hammer(with Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard of the wonderous Dreamtrybe, and the amazing Katrina Lassberg.

Yayo Sanchez

Yayo Sanchez swerved into the fast lane before he could legally drive. An energetic on-stage dynamo and a slashing fleet-fingered frontman, Yayo was already a rising star by the (under)age of 14. Perhaps even more impressive was the fact he was making his name in the highly competitive, world-renowned music scene of his hometown turf in Austin, Texas. “I was 9 when my Dad bought me my first Kiss CD,” Yayo says, while also citing such influences as Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, Black Sabbath and Motley Crue. “I was immediately obsessed.

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