Thursday, June 3, 2010

INsite Extra - The Clouds Are Ghosts

Stick Around Sunday at Stubb's for
Austin's The Clouds Are Ghosts

By Sean Claes
In 2008 three folks from Beaumont and one from Georgia got together and formed a very interesting group with a sweet synth-sound just as memorable as their name, The Clouds Are Ghosts. This Sunday they have been tapped to play the MGMT afterparty at Stubb's BBQ. Technically.... this means MGMT is opening for them (just don't tell MGMT that). We at INsite thought it'd be the perfect time to introduce you to them.... so we got hold of lead singer (from Savannah, GA) Jason Morris and posed a few questions. If you hadn't heard The Clouds Are Ghosts before now... take a chance and you won't be disappointed.

Sean Claes: The Clouds Are Ghosts... how did you come up with the name of the band?
We wanted a name that sounded like we sound. There are definitely moments in our music that are haunting and dark, but there are also moments of release that are relaxing. The Clouds are Ghosts covers both.

Claes: You've got an interesting synth/electronic sound. How'd you end up on that road?
Most of our songs are started with programming as we did not have a drummer when we first started so it was easy to put some lil warm frequency synths in the tracks as we worked on them. The ones you here live are the ones that still fit once we had all put our parts on the initial skeleton. We are becoming with time less electronic/synth driven though. On the new album there will be about a quarter less synths, and more organic textures going on. We are trying to make something kinda right down the middle. That sounds like the future sometimes and sometimes the past.

Claes: One thing that drew me to your self-titled debut CD is the fact that it’s not mindless electronica. Meaning… the music is really good and the lyrical content is just as powerful and fleshed out. What comes first for you, the lyrics or the song?
The song for sure. We have never tried to mold around around lyrics. What we do is once the musical idea is conceived we jam it out and I kinda mumble over it until vocal melodies that everyone is digging are in place. Then we typically arrange the music around those. It is not till long after the song is pretty much complete that lyrics are plugged into the melodies.

Claes: You’re debut CD, which was released last September, is available as a free download on your Website ( why go the free route?
We want to be heard. We are not in this for money. Especially not our friends money who are the ones that have helped us get to where we are. I think most Ausinites are a bit disenchanted when it comes to the music scene. Not because they are apathetic, but because it's like the where's waldo game. You know there are a lot of talented bands in this town, but it is really hard to weed through them without spending a lot of cash. (click here to download the album)

So we figure give the album away, and hope that enough people hear it that like it enough to came out to a show. That is what it is all about for us. Getting to a point where we can tour and play to lots of people. Our downloads are like invitations and we also have Cd's for shows that we give away as thank you's.

Claes: This Sunday (6/6/10) at 10p you are playing the MGMT afterparty at Stubb’s. How’d that come about?
Great timing i think. We have pretty much relentlessly been trying to get opening slots for bigger bands and doing aftershows for bigger bands in the hopes that we could piggyback a lil exposure from them. This time it worked.

Claes: It’s free for those with a MGMT wristband and ($8 otherwise). Do you have anything special you’re pulling out for this set?
We are covering a Radiohead tune, and we now have our lightshow all ready to go. We also have a special guest joining us for about half of the show. We have really put a lot of effort into this show in every way. We just hope it shows.

Claes: You took some time in April to work on some new recordings. How goes the work on the follow-up record?
It is going well. We are actually taking a little bit more of a leisurely approach with this album. We are still trying to get the the first one reviewed more and squeeze every once of exposure out of it as we can before releasing the new one, but it will definitely be released in the fall.

For more information on The Clouds Are Ghosts, read Claes' review of their debut album and/or visit their Website -

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