Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Bands To Catch at Warped Tour 2013

By Sean Claes

The Vans Warped Tour 2013 rolls into San Antonio's AT&T Center parking lot on August 3, 2013 and with it nine-plus stages of music and 95-plus bands that cover a gamut of genres including pop, punk, ska, metal, and acoustic.

This will be my third Warped  Tour (you can see some of my photos from Warped 2012 here - link), so I've had the chance to do run the gauntlet a few times.

In case this is your first Warped... it can be a little daunting to go through the list of bands and pick ones to see...and maneuver through the stages to make it to the shows on time.... so INsite decided to create a short list of bands that will make it worth your while... here's 10 bands to catch during Warped 2013. I listed my picks in alphabetical order and I included a video with each one, just so you can get a taste of their sound.

August Burns Red
This Pennsylvania metalcore band has been at it for a decade. They've risen to the top of their "mainstream" game thus far with their 2013 release Rescue & Restore reaching #9 on the US Billboard charts. They're topped the Christian charts with three albums previous. Look to them for a punishing and positive set. Here's a taste with their new single "Fault Line."

Black Veil Brides
Filling in the KISS / Mötley Crüe / Marilyn Manson / Avenged Sevenfold slot in 2013, Black Veil Brides will be sure to give a good show... and like the aforementioned "shock rockers" they've got the musical chops to back up their costumes and make-up.

Bowling For Soup
 Looks like the last chance to see these Texas rockers. They announced in April that October will be their final tour. Stacy's mom is pissed.

 Metalcore from Osaka Japan. That's just all kinds of awesome.

I Can Make A Mess
When Ace Enders isn't playing with The Early November... he's playing with I Can Make A Mess. Of course.. I prefer the band's full title:  "I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business" but I guess the record label didn't.. and when he signed to Rise Records in 2013 they officially shortened the name. Oh... The Early November is also playing Warped 2013... so you've got two chances to see Ace.

Memphis May Fire
So, I mention below that I saw Kellen McGegor from Memphis May Fire jump on stage with Sleeping With Sirens at Warped 2012. I hope to catch HIS band's set this year. I was impressed with his delivery... and it doesn't hurt that the band is from Texas. 

Reel Big Fish
One of the coolest things about Warped Tour is the versatility in the bands. Reel Big Fish... known for their ska-punk sound and their 1997 his "Sell Out" will be jamming to a whole new generation of kids. And that is awesome. If you're going to discover ska... this is one of the few bands that have done it the right way for over 15 years.... and that's how old the average audience member at Warped is... right?

Sleeping With Sirens
On the heels of the release of their 2013 album Feel Sleeping With Sirens take the stage again at Warped. I caught their set last year at Warped when Kellen McGegor from Memphis May Fire jumped on stage with them. I hope to catch their set again this year.

The Wonder Years
Fresh from the release of their 4th LP The Greatest Generation The Wonder Years have been delivering their brand of upbeat, fist-pumping pop-punk since 2005. And, yes, their name came from the TV show. I wonder if Winnie Cooper crowd surfs?

We Came As Romans
Michigan melodic metalcore makes it to Warped 2013. They've got that clean-vocals-meets-scream sound that defines melodic metalcore. Always fun to catch live.

Please comment below with your picks, as I'm sure I missed your favorite. 

See you at the Van's Warped Tour in San Antonio on 8/3 at the AT&T Center.

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  1. Great list Sean! Love it, love it, love it. My suggestion/ recommendation is Super Water Sympathy, from Shreveport, La. I would happy to make a call if you wanted to do a meet n greet or interview... gimme a call or hit me up on FB