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This Weekend in Austin Entertainment

So... there are three really cool and different shows coming up this weekend. Thursday is a Reggae Night at Ruta Maya. Saturday is the 33rd Annual Carnaval Brasilaro at Palmer Events Center. Sunday is a Benefit show for the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Below is some information about all three shows copied from from Austin's

Fayuca is a killer three piece reggae rock band from Arizona! They have an original style with hints of punk blended in with their latin reggae rock sound. Come show them a warm Austin welcome!

Don Chani is one of Austin's favorite reggae bands. Drawing from an era that many consider to be reggae’s golden age, the late 60s through the late 70s, and the latin influences of two of its members, Don Chani has carved out a unique sound unmatched by any of its contemporary counterparts.

McPullish is a solo artist who specializes in Live Dub, improvising on the mixing board to create unique and original sounds. He builds his songs from scratch, playing real instruments in the studio and mixing live and direct. He will be opening the night up with his original set.


Ital Palace will be serving up reasonably priced authentic Caribbean plates all night.


Click "I Like It!" for a chance to win free tickets! 2 pairs will be given away each week thru January 20th, and then 1 pair a week for each week after that!

Visit Carnaval Brasileiro's Website for full details!

Austin’s annual CARNAVAL BRASILEIRO, possibly the citys longest-lived and legitimately “Austin Weird” event, is gearing up for its 33rd year as Austin’s biggest, best and perhaps most misunderstood party. Carnaval, which has grown into the largest indoor Brazilian Mardi Gras celebration anywhere on the globe, explodes at 9:00 p.m., February 20, 2010 at Austin’s Palmer Events Center, 900 Barton Springs Road.

The irresistible pulse of samba drums, an endless parade of exotic costumes, and the uninhibited euphoria of over 6,000 attendees have established this Brazilian style festival as one of the most eagerly anticipated blowouts on the areas social calendar. Now, only Carnaval and Eeyore’s Birthday are the last survivors of Austin’s Golden Age of wild parties and total weirdness.

Fueling the festivities, two high energy bands will pump out fiery Brazilian carnaval music. New Yorks Grupo Saveiro is making their seventh Austin appearance. Saveiro has performed at countless carnavals up and down the East Coast and is regularly voted the Best Brazilian Band in the USA by the Brazilian Press Association.. Veterans of Rio’s famous carnaval parades, these ten Brazilian-born musicians have played individually with everyone from Baden Powell and Marvin Gaye to Sun Ra and David Byrne, but in Austin, they present a heady mix of traditional rhythms: samba, frevo, marchinha, bloco-afro and much more via their battery of pounding, sensual drums.

Austin’s own traditional Rio-style Samba School, the Acadêmicos da Opera, a locally-based group of 35 drummers and 15 dancers, all in elaborate opera-themed costumes, will be making their sixth Carnaval presentation. Their up-close and personal performances—in the middle of the dance floor—electrify enthusiastic Carnaval throngs with an authentic taste of the real deal from Rio.

Carnaval Brasileiro began in the early 1970s to offer UT’s Brazilian students a nostalgic dose of their homeland’s legendary festivities, and is now a local institution attracting partygoers from all over the United States. After blowing the roof off one downtown club, the party immediately outgrew the infamous Armadillo World Headquarters, as well as the long-gone City Coliseum before nestling into its present venue.

Flamboyant, almost too-scanty costumes, throbbing Brazilian samba, and the uninhibited, spirited atmosphere have earned Carnaval its reputation as the premier such festivity in the USA. The party has inspired fansites on the Internet, as well as helping cultivate a love of things Brazilian in Central Texas, ranging from music and food to Brazilian martial arts.

A portion of the proceeds from Carnaval will benefit the Austin Sunshine Camps, a non-profit organization which provides not only free summer camps for Austin at-risk kids, but year-round mentoring and leadership programs.


Envision No Vision:

Concert and Silent Auction Benefiting the TX School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Envision No Vision, a non-profit concert and silent auction is being held on Sunday Feb 21, 2010, at The Republic Live, 301 W 5th St raising money for The Texas School For The Blind and Visually Impaired. Money raised will benefit a student activity fund, for extracurricular activities, educational tools, special equipment, music instruments/lessons, field trips, summer and winter camps, and even physical training equipment. The Student Activities Fund provides for fun, life-changing experiences that will build confidence and help students overcome adversity.

The concert portion of Envision No Vision is being MC’d by comedian Steve Trevino and will feature six bands. The lineup includes Ouachita, Graham Wilkinson & the Underground Township, Tin Can Phone, Rook, The Bus Stop Stallions and The Flametrick Subs. All have graciously donated their time to the benefit.

A Silent Auction will be held with donations from local businesses and artists. Items include dinner for two at Home Slice Pizza, a gift card to Uchi, a pair of 3-day passes for Old Settlers Music Fest, 15hrs of recording studio time, and even a pair of music wristbands for SXSW 2010. With the auction list growing daily there will be more items at the show.

The auction closes at 10:00pm with winners being announced that night. The concert will run from 6:00pm-12:00am. Omni International Beverages will be working with the venue on some great drink specials. To attend Envision No Vision there is a $15 dollar donation at the door or you may RSVP at to save $5.

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Advertise in March 2010 INsite

March is an amazing month in Austin for tourism... music... entertainment... and advertising.

Inquire about getting your ad in the March 2010 issue of INsite Magazine by contacting Sean Claes at

Our issue will be dedicated to the FREE music festivals like Texas Rockfest.

Deadline for final materials is February 21, 2010.

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INsite Extra - OK Go


After 5 years of touring, OK Go returns with a great new album

By John B. Moore
Regardless of your musical tastes, you’ve almost certainly heard of OK Go. There’s no way you could have lived through the ‘90s without escaping their incredibly infectious pop songs and videos. The video for their 2006 single “A Million Way” – complete with choreographed dance moves – practically put YouTube on the map. By August 2006, the video had become the most downloaded music video ever, with over 9 million downloads.

After years spent on the road the band finally found the time to work on a new album, Of The Blue Colour of The Sky, which is finally being released five years after their last record hit the shelves. Singer/guitarist Damian Kulash spoke with us recently about the delay of the new record, their work on helping rebuild New Orleans and life on the road.

Tell me a little bit about the origins of the album title?
The title of our new album Of The Blue Colour of The Sky comes from a book written in 1876 by General AJ Pleasonton called The Influence of the Blue Ray of Sunlight and of The Blue Colour of the Sky. General Pleasonton believed that the color blue had healing powers and could cure the world. He got a patent on the color blue and for three years convinced the world over of his theories. The American Journal of Science debunked his theory a few years later because it just wasn't true. But, General Pleasonton went to his death bed believing that he could help save the world. He wanted so badly to believe in something that could help mankind. His beautifully sad and poetic story spoke to us, so we decided to name our record after his book.

They songs sound is just as catchier as previous releases, but the themes seem a bit heavier. What inspired that?
Of The Blue Colour of The Sky is probably the most direct and melancholic record we've ever made both lyrically and thematically. The inspiration behind the heaviness comes from the fact that we were all going through tough times both personally, and also on a global level. This record is about trying to find hope in what feels like hopeless situations.

Were you worried at all that the lyrical content would get lost in the catchy vibe of the songs?
The great thing about music is that it is Ok to mix happy and sad elements. Pop songs are generally only three and half minutes or less, so a lot has to be conveyed in a short amount of time. Some of my favorite music mixes melancholic lyrics with happy music i.e. The Pixies, The Smiths, The Cure. It was never a concern of mine that the content would get lost in the music, it was my hope that we could address interesting things about life in a way that seemed both meaningful, thought provoking, exciting, happy or sad, and sometimes all these things at the same time.

You took your time working on this record. Why the wait so long to release another full length?
The wait was not on purpose. We toured for two and half years on our second record Oh No, and we needed sometime once we got home to get our heads together, figure out what we wanted to sound like, and record. We would have liked to have put this record out much sooner, but sometimes this is just how things work out. We hope to have our next record out a lot sooner. We have a lot of material that didn't make it onto our latest record, and we are itching to get to it.

Do you have a favorite song on this record?
I go through weeks where I favor different songs off the record. This week I am favoring “Needing/Getting and Back From Kathmandu”. Last week it was “All Is Not Lost” and “Skyscrapers”. It's tough to pick a favorite. That's like asking to pick a favorite child.

Having been on the road for a few years straight, are you dreading getting back on the tour cycle again?
I love the hour a day when we get to play for people. What I dread is the monotony of the other twenty three hours when we are traveling, setting up for the show, taking down the show, traveling, setting up for the show, taking down the show, traveling etc... Often our schedule is so busy that most of what we see going around the world are dirty clubs and hotel rooms. It is also hard to be away from your loved ones for so long. I wish I could transport my friends, family, and girlfriend to every show because I miss them a lot. But I do feel extremely lucky to be able to do the things that I love doing for a living. I'm very thankful indeed.

What has changed the most for the band since going from a small club Chicago band to being that group everyone has heard of?
Mostly what has changed for us is that our schedule is busier. As far as I can tell no one has really changed as a person. We're a little bit older and wiser now, but in general we are still just trying make things and share them with people - Same as we did when we lived in Chicago.

You obviously got a lot of attention for your videos. But do you ever regret that maybe they overshadowed the music?
I am proud of both our videos and our music. If the video is someone's gateway into the world of OKGO then I think that is great. I am aware of the fact that not all fifty million people who have viewed our video are OKGO fans; that's Ok. The good news for us is that a small percentage of those fifty million people have decided to delve further into the world of OKGO; buy our records, come to our shows, and generally pay attention to what we do. We will continue to go on and make records and videos, and hopefully people will continue to tune for what's next. And, some of the people that do continue to follow us, I'd venture to say, probably first heard of us through our video, and well, hey, I think that's fine.

You guys have devoted a lot of time and energy to helping Hurricane Katrina victims (the EP, raising money, etc.). What was it about that incident that inspired the band to give so much time and energy towards rebuilding?
New Orleans is the most unique music community in the world. It is common to see a father teaching his son how to play trumpet on the stoop, or a bunch of guys just playing music in the streets in New Orleans. The Future Of Music Coalition and Air Traffic Control, both organizations who help connect musicians to social action, invited us down to New Orleans to see firsthand the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and the civil engineering SNAFU's that caused the levies to break.

It is heartbreaking to see so many neighborhoods destroyed by the floods. A lot of musicians and culture bearers from New Orleans legendary music and art community lost their homes and were displaced around the country. We thought a good way to help and make a difference was to record an EP with the New Orleans’ horn funk orchestra Bonerama to raise money and help bring these displaced musicians and artists back home to New Orleans. The initial proceeds went to buying a home for New Orleans’ soul legend Al "Carnival Time" Johnson, who was displaced in Houston. Now that he's home, proceeds continue to be used, through an organization called Sweet Home New Orleans, for other musicians who still need help raising money to get themselves back home and settled in New Orleans.

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Distribution 2010


Whip In 1950 S I H 35

The Bazaar 1605 E Riverside Dr

Planet K 2007 E Riverside Dr

University Commons Apts. 1600 Wickersham Ln

The Ball Park Apts. 4600 Elmont Dr

Townlake Apartments 1109 S Pleasant Valley Rd

Rack Daddy's 4410 E Riverside Dr

Village At Riverside Apts. 1500 Crossing Place

University Village 1301 Crossing Place

Campus Estates Apts. 1300 Crossing Place

ACC 1020 Grove Blvd Bldg A

UniversityCanyon 4404 E Oltorf St

Metropolis Apts. 2200 S Pleasant Valley Rd

#888 Vietnamese 2400 E Oltorf St

Oat Willie's 1931 E Oltorf St Ste C


Juan In A Million 2300 E Cesar Chavez St

Big Red Sun 1102 E Cesar Chavez St

Longbranch Inn 1133 E 11th St

J.Kelly BBQ 900 E 11TH St

Hyde Park

The University Of Texas Fountains

JP's 2803 San Jacinto Blvd

Sao Paulo 2809 San Jacinto Blvd

Crown & Anchor 2911 San Jacinto Blvd

Double Dave's Pizza 3000 Duval St

Hoover's 2002 Manor Rd

Star Seeds 3101 N I H 35

Red River Cafe 2912 Medical Arts

Lava Java 2901 Medical Arts St Ste A


Freebirds 1000 E 41st St # 260

Prontos Food Mart 4301 Duval St

Quacks 411 E 43rd St

Burger Tex 5420 Airport Blvd

4 North Anderson/Burnet/Farwest

China Star 6134 E Highway 290

Bikinis Bar & Grill 6901 N I H 35

Pho Saigon Noodle House 10901 N Lamar Blvd

Fortune 10901 N Lamar Blvd

Best Tickets 8556 Research Blvd Ste C

Pluckers 9070 Research Blvd

Trudy's 9070 Research Blvd

Gas Pipe 8519 Burnet Rd

Triumph Café 3808 Spicewood Springs Rd

CraigO's 2222/Mopac Randall's Center

Texspresso 2700 W Anderson Ln

Alamo Drafthouse 2700 W Anderson Ln

Guitar Center Northcross Mall

Encore Music 1745 W Anderson Ln

Capitol Comedy Club 8120 Research Blvd


Threadgills 6416 N. Lamar

Half Price Books 5555 N Lamar Blvd

Omlettry 4811 Burnet Rd

Draught House 4112 Medical Pkwy

Taco Shack 4002 N Lamar Blvd

Central Market 4001 N Lamar Blvd

Lone Star Kolaches 3800 N Lamar Blvd

Waterloo Icehouse 1106 West 38th

N Salon 3027 N Lamar Blvd


ACC 1212 Rio Grande

Tavern 12th & Lamar

Crystal Works 908 W 12th St # A

Cheapo Discs 914 N Lamar Blvd

Shoal Creek Saloon 909 N Lamar Blvd

Book People 603 N Lamar Blvd

Waterloo Icehouse 600 N Lamar

Waterloo Records 600 N Lamar

YMCA 1100 W Cesar Chavez St

Nastys 606 Maiden Ln

Amy's Ice Cream 3500 Guadalupe St

Zen 3423 Guadalupe St

Mangia Pizza 3016 Guadalupe St

Wheatsville Coop 3101 Guadalupe St

Chango's 3023 Guadalupe St

Antones Records 2928 Guadalupe St

Burger Tex 2912 Guadalupe St

Buffalo Exchange 2904 Guadalupe St

Vulcan Video 609 W 29th St

Oat Willie's 617 W 29th St

Taco Shack 2825 Guadalupe St

Ruby's Bbq 512 W 29TH St

I Luv Video 2915 Guadalupe St

Trudy's 409 W 30th St

Spiderhouse 2908 Fruth Street

Villas on Guadalupe 2810 Hemphill Park

Kerbey Lane 2606 Guadalupe St

Ming CITY 2604 Guadalupe St

The Spicy Pickle 404 W 26th St

Cream Vintage 2532 Guadalupe St

Hole in the Wall 2528 Guadalupe St

Mellow Mushroom 2426 Guadalupe St

Tylers 2338 Guadalupe St

Austin's Pizza 2324 Guadalupe St

Medici Café 2270 Guadalupe St

The University Of Texas Union /Guadalupe

The University Of Texas across co-op/Guadalupe

Pluckers 2222 Rio Grande St Ste D

Cain & Abel's 2313 Rio Grande St

University Towers 803 W 24th St

Big Bite Pizza 415 W 24th St

Crave 2100 Guadalupe St # B

The University Of Texas PCL

Dobie Mall 2025 Guadalupe St

Dobie Mall Downstairs 2025 Guadalupe St

Dobie Mall Movie 2025 Guadalupe St

Veggie Heaven 1914 Guadalupe St

Player's 300 W MLK Jr Blvd

Atomic Tattoo 309 W MLK Jr Blvd

Scholtz Beer Garden 1607 San Jacinto Blvd


Magnolia Café 2304 Lake Austin Blvd

Mangia Pizza 2401 Lake Austin Blvd

Amy's Ice Cream 2705 Bee Caves Rd

Tres Amigos 1801 S Capital Of Texas


Little City 916 Congress Ave

Marakesh 906 Congress Ave

Hideout 617 Congress Ave

Freebirds 515 S Congress Ave

Wet Salon 1109 S Congress Ave

Hovercraft CLOSED 1115 S Congress Ave

DOCs 1123 S Congress Ave

Austin Motel 1220 S Congress Ave

JOE's Coffee 1300 S Congress Ave

Zen 1303 S Congress Ave

Continental Club 1315 S Congress Ave

Gueros 1412 S Congress Ave

Hairy Situations 1708 S Congress Ave

Texas French Bread 1722 S Congress Ave

Cream Vintage 1714 S Congress

Magnolia Café 1920 S Congress Ave

Nueva Onda 2218 College Ave

Habana 2728 S Congress Ave

Garden District 2810 S Congress Ave

El Gallo 2910 S Congress Ave

St. Edwards University 3001 S Congress Ave

Amy's Ice Cream S Congress Ave

Opal Divines 3601 S Congress Ste K100

Hill's Café 4700 S Congress Ave


Mongolian Grill 117 San Jacinto Blvd

Neel's Coffee 301 Congress Ave Ste. 105

Taco Shack East side of Frost Building

Texas Picnic Co. 605 Sabine St

Murphy's Deli 600 Congress Ave Ste. G230

Rolls and Bowls 400 W. 15th St. Suite B10

Hog Island 1612 Lavaca St

Old Bakery & Emporium 1006 Congress Ave

ME Television 2130 S Congress Ave

Clear Channel 3601 S Congress Ave

Emmis Austin Radio 8309 N I H 35


SummerMoon Coffee Bar 3115 S. 1st

Torchy's Tacos 2809 S. 1st

Fair Bean Coffee 2210 S. 1st

Pangaea 2210 S. 1st

End of an Ear Music Store 2209 S. 1st

Gully Cats Tattoo 2006 S. 1st

Polvo's Mexican 2004 S. 1st

Sugar Mama's Bakeshop 1905 S. 1st

Secret Oktober 1905 S. 1st

Freddies Place 1703 S 1st St

Bouldin Creek Café 1501 S. 1st


Threadgill's 201 Barton Springs Rd.

Aussies 306 Barton Springs Rd

Green Mesquite 1400 Barton Springs Rd

Romeos 1500 Barton Springs Rd

Flipnotics 1601 Barton Springs Rd

Daily Juice Barton Springs

Shady Grove 1624 Barton Springs Rd

Baby Acapulco's 1628 Barton Springs Rd


Casa Garcia's 1000 S Lamar Blvd

Maudies 1212 S Lamar Blvd

Genie Car Wash 1311 S Lamar Blvd

Saxon Pub 1320 S Lamar Blvd

Darque Tan 1509 S Lamar Blvd

Topaz 1509 S Lamar Blvd Ste 400

Planet K 1516 S Lamar Blvd

Austin's Pizza 1817 S Lamar Blvd

La Feria 2010 S Lamar Blvd

Bird's Barber Shop 2110 S. Lamar

Black Sheep Lounge 2110 S. Lamar

Ireabean 2310 S. Lamar

Artz Rib House 2330 S Lamar Blvd

Half Price Books 2929 S Lamar Blvd Ste 1007

Rockin Tomato 3003 S Lamar Blvd

Chango's 3005 S Lamar Blvd Ste D-116

Broken Spoke 3201 S Lamar Blvd

Strait Music Co. 2428 W Ben White Blvd

Amy's Ice Cream 4477 S Lamar Blvd Ste 790

Cannoli Joe's 4715 Hwy 290 West


ACC The Pinacle

Hecho en Mexico Wm. Cannon & Escarpment

Maudies 9911 Brodie Ln

Galaxy Café 9911 Brodie Ln Ste 750


Pete's 1012 E 6th St

Texas Embassy 709 E 6th St


El Sol Y La Luna 600 E. 6th

Casino El Camino 517 E 6th St

Dirty Dog 505 E 6th St

Lovejoys 604 Neches St

Jordania's 603 Neches

Forbidden Fruit 512 Neches St

Agave 415 E 6th St

The Library 407 E 6th St

Paradise Bar 401 E 6th St

Drink On 6th 325 E 6th St

Maggie Mae's 323 E 6th St

Blind Pig 317 E 6th St

Black Cat Tattoo 315 E 6th Street

Alamo Drafthouse 420 E. 6th

Shakespeare's 314 E 6th St

Dizzy Rooster 306 E 6th St

Daddy's 218 E 6th St

Spill 212 E 6th St

Chugging Monkey 219 E 6th St

Friends 208 E 6th St

Buffalo Billiards 201 E 6th St

Maiko Sushi 311 W 6th St

Momo's 618 W 6th St

Opal Divines 700 W 6th St

Joe's Bar 504 West Ave

Frank & Angies 508 West Ave

Rounders 1203 W 6th St

Mean Eyed Cat 1621 W 5th St.

Wahoo Fish Taco 513 Rio Grande


Plaza Lofts 311 W 5th

Antone's 213 W 5th St

Speakeasy 412D Congress Ave

Gas Pipe 701 E 5th St


Emo's 603 Red River St

Encore 611 Red River

Beerland 711 1/2 Red River St

Bull Mccabes Pub 714 Red River St

Headhunters 720 Red River

Red Eye Fly 715 Red River St

Stubbs 801 Red River St

Jaime's 802 Red River St

Club De Ville 900 Red River St

Mohawk 904 Red River


Cedar Street 214 W 4th St

Fado Irish Pub 214 W 4th St

Gingerman 300 Lavaca

Lavaca St. 405 Lavaca Street

Oil Can Harry's 211 W 4th St

Six 117 W 4th St

Southpark Meadows

Little Woodrow's

Jersey Mike's Subs

Pho Thai Son

Mama Fu's Asian House

Amy's at the Grove

Waterloo Ice House

HaiKu Japanese Rest.


Twin Liquors


TONIGHT! 7:00 & 9:30 shows.

C'mon out!

Lone Star Legend, Jerry Jeff Walker returns to One World Theatre.

Best known as the writer of "Mr. Bojangles," Walker is an American music legend and one of the forefathers of the outlaw/progressive country sound.

He writes music through a troubadour's eyes that has retained the power to touch generations of listeners and inspiring folks like Pat Green, Robert Earl Keen and Garth Brooks along the way.

As an elder statesman of Texas music, Walker helped put Austin on the map as "The Live Music Capital of the World."

This night is sponsored by INsite Magazine

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INsite Hindsite

INsite Hindsite is the section of INsite that we dedicate to photos of events around Austin that our awesome contributing photographers capture each month.

Here's some to get you started:
KISS @ Frank Erwin Center
By: Jay West

Snake Skin Prison @ Red Eyed Fly
12/11/09 (INsite Night)
By: Sean Claes

Full Service @ Stubb’s BBQ
12/04/09 (INsite Night)
By: Sean Claes

Sister Hazel @ La Zona Rosa
By: Scott Moore

Santa Rampage @ Austin
By: Steve Hopson

Fulton Read @ The Parish
12/16/09 (INsite Night)
Photography By Maurice

Struck @ Krush Lounge
Photography By Maurice

Residue @ Red Eyed Fly
Photography By Maurice

311 @ Austin Music Hall
By: Arnold Wells

State Radio @ Austin Music Hall
By: Scott Moore (Limelight Imaging)

The Bandulus @ Ruta Maya
12/10/09 (INsite Night)
By: Greg “Phive” Cooper

McPullish @ Ruta Maya
12/10/09 (INsite Night)
By: Greg “Phive” Cooper

Jah Remedy @ Ruta Maya
12/10/09 (INsite Night)
By: Greg “Phive” Cooper

Willie Nelson @ The Austin Music Hall
By: Jay West