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The End of An Era: Mötley Crüe - The Final Tour

The End of An Era: Mötley Crüe, The Final Tour

Photo by Scott Moore/ Limelight Imaging

By Margy Moore
After 30 plus years together and over 80 million albums sold, the iconic rock and roll band Mötley Crüe announced their retirement. With drummer Tommy Lee explaining “Everything must come to an end” the band has begun their “All Bad Things Must Come To An End” Tour. The tour, which started on July 2 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, made its 10th stop on the 70-date farewell tour at the Cedar Park Center, in Cedar Park, Texas, a suburb of Austin.

Opening the evening were the high-energy duo, The Raskins. Twin brothers, Logan and Roger Raskin, produce an interesting sound, a blend of rock, metal, and punk. Although most of the audience did not know there would be a third act performing until 15 minutes before show time, the band was well received by the audience and they probably earned some new fans.

Photo by Scott Moore/ Limelight Imaging

Touring with Mötley Crüe, and possibly the reason many fans chose to attend this show, was the legendary “Godfather of Shock Rock,” Alice Cooper. During his 50 minute set of 13 songs, the now 66 year old Cooper performed several of his greatest hits including “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “Under My Wheels,” “Billion Dollar Babies,” and “The Ballad of Dwight Fry.” Alice was in great voice and the set was a great, full show complete with costume changes, props, pyro and choreographed numbers. 

Photo by Scott Moore/ Limelight Imaging

During “Feed My Frankenstein,” Alice was “transformed” into a giant Frankenstein monster puppet. Not one to disappoint his fans, Cooper’s props also included a boa constrictor for “Welcome To My Nightmare”, a bloody crutch, and a guillotine. Alice closed out his set with an audience pleasing sing along to “School’s Out.” This set was pure Alice Cooper and the fans loved it.

While Alice Cooper was no mediocre opening act, Mötley Crüe was the true headliner of the evening, performing a two-hour set and thrilling the sold out crowd with fan favorites. Many fans had seen online that Tommy Lee’s trademark 360 degree drum solo routine had been extended to a roller coaster for most shows. Unfortunately, the Cedar Park Center couldn’t support the entire coaster, but fans were still thrilled with Tommy’s hanging-from-the-rafters solo. 

Photo by Scott Moore/ Limelight Imaging

The voice of lead singer, 53 year old Vince Neil, was in good form this night, coming through and hitting those high notes. Guitarist Mick Mars added plenty of killer riffs to the night including those for “Dr. Feelgood.” Overall, fans were pleased with the group’s “do it our way” attitude show. After a rocky start at some of the earlier stops, the Cedar Park show seemed to go off without major problems. Fans were treated to performances of songs like “Live Wire,” “Too Fast For Love,” “Shout At The Devil,” and “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

Most of the show was filled with tons of lights, lasers, smoke and fire. Fireworks, flash bombs, and Nikki Sixx’s flamethrower bass helped to make this show one loud and electrifying event. For their encore, Mötley Crüe ended on a different note. The band exited the stage to reappear on a tiny, suspended stage in the center of the venue where they closed out the night with their 1985 ballad “Home Sweet Home.” 

Boston’s Heaven On Earth Tour Touches Down In Central Texas

Boston’s Heaven On Earth Tour Touches Down In Central Texas

Photo By Scott Moore / Limelight Images

By Margy Moore

The Cedar Park Center, in the Austin suburb of Cedar Park, Texas, played host to some good old-time Rock and Roll on July 20 when Boston and their tour mates, Night Ranger, performed for an enthusiastic crowd of fans. Long-time fans of both bands had high hopes for an entertaining evening of music and they weren’t disappointed by these veteran acts.

Night Ranger was first on the stage. They quickly claimed the audience’s attention as guitarists Joel Hoekstra and Brad Gillis showcased their phenomenal guitar skills and front man, bassist Jack Blades lead vocals on “Touch of Madness.”  

After that, drummer Kelly Keagy took over the lead on “Swing Me Away.” From that point on, the audience was as much a part of the band as the actual members, singing along for 50 minutes to many of Night Ranger’s mega hits. The audience’s participation fit well with the band’s high-energy performance, as Hoekstra, Gillis and Blades freely moved across the stage gratefully smiling at the crowd. Blades, one of the founding members of Damn Yankees, lead the band in covers of “High Enough” and “Coming of Age.” Other songs performed included “Four in the Morning,” “High Road,” “Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight,” “When You close Your Eyes,” and “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.”  After the rest of the band left the stage, drummer Kelly Keagy and keyboardist Eric Levy began a subdued intro to “Sister Christian.” The rest of the band rejoined them for a powerful finish and the closing number for the night, “(You Can Still) Rock In America.”

After Night Ranger got the audience pumped for some rock and roll, Boston took over the night. Boston is currently on tour in support of their long-awaited 6th studio album, “Live, Love and Hope,” which was released last year. This was the first album released since the 2007 death of the band’s lead singer Brad Delp.

While the band has numerous illustrious members since the release of their first album 38 years ago, Boston is still lead by founding member, guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer Tom Schulz. Boston’s new lead singer, Tommy DeCarlo, did a good job as the band performed hit after hit including “Rock and Roll Band,” “Smokin’,” “It’s Been Such A Long Time,” “Don’t Look Back,” “Amanda,” and “More than A Feeling.” Along with the classic Boston hits, the band also added “Life, Love and Hope” and “Last Day of School” from their latest album. During “Walk On,” American Idol Season 9 finalist Siobhan Magnus sang lead vocals. In all, the set consisted of twenty-two great tracks that satisfied Boston’s classic rock and roll fan base.

Joining Schulz and DeCarlo on tour are 28-year Boston member Gary Pihl on guitar and vocals, Kimberley Dahme on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Tracy Ferrie on bass and vocals. The drumming duties on tour are being split between veteran Boston drummers Jeff Neal and Curly Smith, with Neal handling the first leg of the tour and Smith the second.

Boston’s Heaven On Earth Tour will continue across the United States through September 5. While the opening acts have varied from .38 Special to Night Ranger to The Doobie Brothers and Cheap Trick, you can be sure you will be able to hear some great old Rock and Roll at any of Boston’s tour stops.

1.       Rock and Roll Band
2.       Smokin’
3.       Feelin’ Satisfied
4.       Last Day of School
5.       Life, Love and Hope
6.       Peace of Mind
7.       It’s Been Such A Long Time
8.       Cool The Engines
9.       Surrender To Me
10.   Don’t Look Back
11.   Something About You
12.   Amanda
13.   The Launch
14.   More Than A Feeling
15.   Instrumental – Tom Schulz guitar solo
16.   A New World
17.   To Be A Man
18.   Walk On – with Siobhan Magnus on lead vocals
19.   Get Oran-ized
20.   Walk On (Some More)
21.   Foreplay/ Long Time
22.   Encore: Party

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INsite Hindsite - Mötley Crüe and Alice Cooper 7/15/14

INsite Hindsite

Mötley Crüe and Alice Cooper 
w/ The Raskins
Cedar Park Center 
Cedar Park, Texas 
July 15, 2014.
Photos by Scott Moore w/ Limelight Imaging

Alice Cooper - Photo by Scott Moore 
Alice Cooper - Photo by Scott Moore

Alice Cooper - Photo by Scott Moore

Mötley Crüe - Photo by Scott Moore

Mötley Crüe - Photo by Scott Moore

The Raskins - Photo by Scott Moore

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INsite Hindsite: The Banner Year Reunion Show w/ The Awful Lot, The Badnotes, Madmartigan and Burn Ban 6/20/14

After almost 5 long years away, The Banner Year took the stage at the Red Eyed Fly on Friday, June 20th. INsite was there to catch the show.

After almost 5 long years away, The Banner Year took the stage at the Red Eyed Fly on Friday, June 20th.

Photos by Sean Claes for INsite Magazine

The Banner Year - 12midnight
The Awful Lot - 11:00pm
The Badnotes - 10:00pm
Madmartigan - 9:00pm
Burn Ban - 8:00pm

Burn Ban

The Bad Notes
The Awful Lot
The Awful Lot
The Banner Year
The Banner Year

The Banner Year