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March Music Madness 2011

March Music Madness
Why Pay? Do it for FREE!

Here we are again. It's time for that big music festival that happens during Spring Break. I'm going to call it March Music Madness, because I think I may have to pay a fee to use the letter "x" this month in Austin.

Anyhow, INsite is Austin's OTHER Entertainment Magazine, so I thought I'd clue you in on some of the OTHER festivals happening in and around Austin during that third week in March. The FREE ones.

Now, this isn't an exhaustive list of all the free shows happening in Austin. The closest I have come to finding that list is this handy list put together each year by New Music Tipsheet (PDF) -

I've decided to pick three festivals where I personally know and can vouch for the people who run it. These three people have done A LOT to help further a mission that is near and dear to my heart. They want to propel Austin Music and musicians.

They are Adam Brewer and his Texas Rockfest, Greg Cooper and his ATX Wildfire, and Trey Edwards and his BASS Invasion.

Three different festivals, all free, all happening at the same time. All worth attending.

Since INsite is dedicated to promoting local music, even in a month where the world of music comes to us, I've taken the liberty to pick out a few Austin-based bands I think you should check out while you're out and about. If you miss their showcase that I indicate, check them out one of the other 51 weeks out of the year.

We are about supporting local music YEAR ROUND.
(Can I get an Amen?)

OK... on to the shows:

ATX Wildfire Reggae & Arts Festival
When: 3/17 – 3/20
Time: 11am-2am.
Where: Ruta Maya (3601 South Congress Avenue)
Cost: All Ages, FREE
Music Sampler from:

Last year, Greg “Phive” Cooper decided that Austin could do with a reggae festival in town during March. His Episode Phive brand created it, It happened and people smiled. So, he brought it back, bigger and better. This three day, all ages festival features some of the best Reggae/Reggae Rock/Ska/Dub this town has to offer… plus some pretty substantial national acts (Seedless, Los Skarnales, The Supervillains).There will also be arts, crafts and food vendors.If good vibes and friendly folks is where you’d like to be, Ruta Maya is where you’ll feel at home.

Key Austin performers I recommend:

Don Chani 3/17 12:20PM
Tin Can Phone 3/17 7:00PM
Fox & Crow 3/18 4:20PM
Ashes of Babylon 3/18 9:40PM
Eleven Fingered Charlie 3/19 7:00PM

BASS Invasion When: 3/17 – 3/20
Where: 7th St. & Neches
Cost: 21+ FREE with RSVP on DO512

Trey Edwards, who was a partner with Texas Rockfest, has come into his own in the last year with his Secession Entertainment. The March Music Madness show he’s putting on is BASS Invasion. This show boasts Three Stages, about a hundred live performances by bands, DJ's, producers, and performance artists. If you like your bass with a healthy side of butt-shaking and some rock and dub mixed in, this little corner of Austin will be your meeting point. This is the inaugural year, but Edwards is a seasoned veteran at throwing a festival, so I’m not worried about recommending this one.

Key Austin performers I recommend:

Arc Attack (mini-sets) and 3/18 10:00PM
Art Versus Industry 3/17 7:30PM
Grimy Styles 3/19 8:00PM
McPullish 3/19 7:30PM
One-Eyed Doll 3/17 4:00PM
Subrosa Union 3/17 3:00PM

Texas Rockfest
When: 3/16 – 3/19
Where: 10 stages (details below)
Cost: FREE

The 12th Annual Heart of Texas Rockfest is pretty much the place to go for good hard rock and old-school metal. This year it’s expanded to ten stages sprawled out across Austin. Adam Brewer and his gang always brings it. Looking forward to another hard-hitting year.

Locations: Outdoor 1 and 2 (5th and Colorado)
Pure Lounge (419 E 6th)
Blue Moon & Dorm Room (422 6th)
Fuel (607 Trinity)
Red Fez (209 W 5th),
Cedar Door (2nd and Brazos),
Sugar’s Outdoor Annex (404 East Highland Mall Blvd)
Roial (120 W. Fifth Street)

Key Austin bands I recommend:
A Good Rogering – 3/18 TRF Outdoor 1 10:00 PM
Dahebejeebees – 3/17 Red Fez 1:00 AM
Squint – 3/17 Fuel 12:30 AM
Oak Is Keeping – 3/17 Dorm Room 9:30 PM

Classic-style Hard Rock:
Say Hello To The Angels 3/17 TRF Outdoor 1 12:00 AM
Snake Skin Prison 3/19 Roial 9:00 PM

Gentlemen's Social Club 3/17 Red Fez 8:00 PM
Broken Teeth 3/18 TRF Outdoor 1 12:00 AM

Course Of Ruin 3/16 Dorm Room 9:30 PM
By Any Means Necessary 3/16 Dorm Room 12:30 AM
Powderburn 3/16 Dorm Room 11:45 PM and 3/18 TRF Outdoor 1 1:00 AM

Full Schedule -

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  1. It's great to see these festivals being featured together in print! This not-so-silent revolution against the wristband reign of March Music Madness is welcomed and has been coming for a long time! No animosity, just music for every genre and everyone!

    (Shameless Plug: The Dead Lotus Society is returning to Austin after six month absence in Colorado to rip up the TX Rockfest Outdoor Stage with One Eyed Doll and A Good Rogering Friday night! The world just might explode.)