Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BANDS: Free Music Options for March 2012

Two Ways To Get Your Music Out
in March 2012

If your band is going to be in Austin for that mystical 3rd Week in March, INsite has been made aware of a couple of really cool deals that may help you get your music out.

One is a compilation album that Austin record label Defeat The Squares is collecting songs for, and the other is a studio that Converse (the tennis shoe makers) are going to be offering during SXSW.

The catch? You have to contact them and sign up.... and spaces are limited. The cost? Completely free. Just be sure and thank INsite on your liner notes of your next album... and send us one.

Defeat The Squares Compilation
Austin-based record label Defeat The Squares announced recently that they are putting together a compilation CD to be passed out in Austin during March.

Here's the skinny: The CD will be a mixture of rock music with a comedy track in between each song. 1,000 physical copies will be pressed-up and passed out for free. They will also release the album as a digital download via

There is no cost to be included on the compilation, and the deadline to submit your track is February 24, 2012. Follow this link to their Contact Page and indicate interest in the compilation. They will get back to you with details. FYI
INsite is on board as a media sponsor for this compilation.


Converse Rubber Tracks
Converse, the athletic shoe company, recently opened a recording studio in Brooklyn, New York that offers free studio time for emerging artists on their state-of-the-art equipment.

They have decided to bring their studio to Austin from March 13 - 17, 2012. They wish to fill up all of the time slots with Texas-based artists. So, if you're a band in Texas, take the carrot and record a song or two. They are genre non-specific and you own all of the rights to the music you record. They will also have a sound engineer on hand to handle that aspect. All you have to do is apply. Seems simple enough.

The catch? They are limiting the sign-up to five bands, so apply NOW.


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