Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spotlight: Ray Ferrer - Urban Wall Artist

Taking Spray Paint Art A Cut Above
Ray Ferrer

Ray Ferrer in Austin on March 7, 2014

By Sean Claes

I remember going to Cancun, Mexico about 20 years ago and being blown away at what some of the street artists could do with a can of spray paint and a blank canvas. They would spray away, and when the paint cloud disappeared they had an amazing piece of art. I likened it to take-home graffiti.  It was impressive, but I wondered how they would get to the next level.

As with any craft, there is the street performer and then there are the stars. Ray Ferrer is one of the stars of this urban art movement, but he’s not doing it for tourists on vacation, he’s advanced to using X-ACTO blades to cut the perfect stencils to create some amazing Urban Wall Art.
Beastie Boys
INsite owner Sean Claes caught up with Ray as he gets ready to board a plane and head to Austin, Texas.

He has teamed up with X-ACTO and will be creating his urban art live during an event on March 7 and 8. The event will take place on the corner of Corner of Neches & 5th Street between the hours of 10a – 4p. Make plans to stop in.

Lucille Ball

INsite: How did you end up taking up Spray Paint and Stencil Art as a vocation?
Ray Ferrer: I was inspired by several street artists and thought "I can do that."  I’m happy to say it took off!  I was basically able to "trade" in my MBA for spray paint.  No more suits and ties.  Just X-ACTO knives and spray paint.

INsite: You're teaming up with X-ACTO to bring your art as a live demonstration to Austin on March 7 and 8 (10a-4p) at the corner of Neches & E. 5th. What can people expect? Will you be selling your live-art creations?
People can expect live demos, FREE X-ACTO Swag, and I am giving away paintings and Signed limited edition posters for FREE!!!

INsite: Do you have a favorite piece of yours? AND what is the most popular piece in your collection?
All of my pieces become favorites.  It is hard to choose, like picking your favorite child.  I have several popular pieces.
(Editors Note: He provided a few of his more popular pieces for the images within this story)

The Bats of Austin

INsite: What is your favorite medium?
I love spray paint, thoroughly!  Without X-ACTO knives and spray paint I am not able to do what I want to do.

INsite: What inspires you?
My wife is my biggest inspiration.  Other than her, life, music, my past and history are big influences with my work.

INsite: If I wanted to get a hold of some of your art but can't make it to the X-ACTO show this weekend, where would I go?
I can be reached through any of my social media as I manage all of it directly.  

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